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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a derivative financial instrument?
Derivative financial instruments are financial instruments its value directly related to the value of the underlying instruments. While stock represents property right, derivative financial instruments usually go with contract. Main function of the derivative financial instrument is to prevent the risk of fluctuation in the price of the underlying instrument.  There are four main types of derivative financial instruments: 1. Forward, 2. Futures, 3. Option, 4. Swap .Depending on the type of trade, the instrument is divided into a regulated market (exchange-traded) or an over the counter (OTC) market. 
What is a bond?
Bond is a type of securities. Investors investing in corporate bond means lending money to the company, issuing bond. In return, company pays to the investors principal and interest according to the repayment schedule. Bond can be issued by company and government. 
What are the advantages of investing in a fund?
When you invest in fund, you receive less risk and more return. Small scale investors find more chance. Once you join in investment fund, you don't face with problems, not receiving dividend and can not make your voice to the board. 
What is a custodian banking service?
Castodian bank is the one the main player in the stock market and can be described as securities bank. Custodian bank is in charge of safekeeping of securities purchased by individuals and organizations and all other services related to the securities:  Saving fund capital Registering fund share  Calculating share net price Providing regular statement news
How do we conduct investment and management activities?
We take investment from domestic and foreign investment organization and institutional investors, and invest in economically efficient, medium and long term projects, comply with general development plan of the Ulaanbaatar city.  
What is a securities company?
A securities company is an institutional organization operating in securities market, licensed to conduct one of the activities of a broker, dealer, investment advisor or underwriter.
Frequently Asked Questions
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