Selecting process of project to invest
New project
Capital City Development Fund Investment Funds


The capital city development fund was found to contribute to the construction and development of the capital city. We will cooperate with institutional investors to invest in social-economically efficient and medium- or long-term projects, in line with the general development plan of Ulaanbaatar city.



Duration of operation
10 years
Total Equity
40 billion ₮ +
Price per share
1 million +
fund return
Saving interest +
Mangement FEE
up to 2%
CIT “Immunity 5%”
Form of investment
Debt instruments
Property Instruments
Investment Sector:
We will invest in socail-economically efficient projects solving the problems in Ulaanbaatar city for the following sectors: 
Industrial sector
Infrastructure and energy
Per each sector                                For Liquid-short term financial instrument                                For legal party
We will invest in following investment instruments in accordance with investment fund law, fund mission, policy document and project features under the selection process.


Government debt instruments
Debt instruments used by province and capital city governers
Shares of open joint stock company
Shares of closed joint company or limited liabilty company
Debt instruments of company, openly traded in regulated market
Debt instruments of company, not publicly traded in regulated market
Derivative financial instruments 
Foreign and national currencies
Gold and other commercially available mining products
Ownership of real estate and movable estate
Securities issued by foreign government
Asset backed securities issued in accordance with law on asset backed securities
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